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Activities in Puerto Aventuras


Location: Puerto Aventuras Marina

Puerto Aventuras Marina has a number of Sport fishing Options! Serving Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal, Tulum, Puerto Moreles, Cozumel and Cancun.

Troll for sailfish, blue marlin, white marlin, wahoo and dorado right outside the Puerto Aventuras marina! Year round deep sea sport fishing charters with English-speaking captains, multiple boats to choose from. Activities include trolling, drift fishing, snorkeling and swimming. Learn more about fishing charters »

Activities in Akumal


Location: In North Akumal, just north west of Half Moon Bay

Yalku Lagoon is one of the most popular destinations in Akumal. This Caribbean inlet is filled with underwater sea life; every nook has something new and colorful to offer. It is like snorkeling/diving in an aquarium, great for small kids, especially if the surf is up on the bays.

There is a small entrance fee to the Lagoon (as of this writing it is 150 pesos), unless you rent a lagoon-front property. There is a parking lot, paths with a few stairways for entering the water and bathrooms. Mixture of spring fed fresh water mixed with ocean salt water. Sturdy footwear and towels are a nice thing to have here, as there is not a beach entrance, just limestone terraces. There also is a small cafe style restaurant offering burgers, tacos and cold beverages. Snorkel equipment available for rental. Left past the arch at the entrance to Akumal.

The Monkey Sanctuary

Location: West of Akumal Pueblo, jungle. 

The Monkey Sanctuary is a space that houses and takes care of native species that have been mainly affected by human actions or natural phenomena that negatively influence the environment, preventing, in most cases, the reintroduction of these animals into their natural habitat and, consequently, remaining for life under human care.

As part of the activities carried out under the margin of environmental education, educational tours are given by our trained guides. The guides are responsible for transmitting the history of the specimens we house, explaining the place of origin, the reason why they are in our place, and how we keep them in good condition for the remainder of their lives. Visitors have the opportunity to be face to face with the specimens in the educational bonding program, they are allowed to know and link more naturally without the need for forced approach. In this way, we can promote awareness of both native and exotic wildlife care and prevent the acquisition of such species as pets. Website.


Location: On Akumal Bay

The fine dining restaurant of Lol Ha offers Mexican Folkloric Dancing Shows. See and hear the beautiful dancing, costumes, music and footsteps of these talented dancers.

Check with the restaurant (Phone: (52) 984-875-9014) for the current schedule, as this program is only offered a few times a week. Lol Ha is located on the beach at Akumal Bay, to the right of the arch. Also enjoy their beautiful veranda with a view of the ocean and exceptional cuisine.


Location: In North Akumal

Half Moon Bay is a wonderful place to snorkel with the turtles, rays, tropical fish and coral stags. Or, to start your day right, wake up early for a stunning sunrise. There are a few local restaurants on this beach where you can dig your feet in the sand. Mixture of fine sand changing to rocks at the waters edge. Footwear recommended for water entry. Dive shop with snorkel equipment for rental. Left past the arch at the entrance to Akumal.


Location: Cental Akumal

Akumal Bay is a fantastic beach for swimming and snorkeling. Central to many restaurants, gift shops, galleries, marketplaces, kids club, laundry, library, police, restrooms, spa, ice cream, stage area, and more! 2 full service dive shops: Scuba courses, daily reef diving, fishing. Kayaks available for rental. Sailing: Kantaris catamaran at Akumal Dive Shop. Fine sand beach with sandy entrance at waters edge. Lol-ha restaurant and beach bar with pizza. Shoes not required in most areas. Right past the arch at the entrance to Akumal.

Families will love Akumal!

There is an excellent turtle watch and release program from May through September in Akumal. Educating our future generations about these endangered creatures is an investment in the future. For more information about Akumal Sea Turtles, please visit http://ceakumal.org/.

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