Sol Maya Vacation Rentals Policy & Terms


Amenities and rental prices listed on the Sol Maya Vacation Rentals website are kept current as much as possible, but may not be 100% accurate. Rates and Terms will be guaranteed when the reservation is confirmed. In cases where a rental agreement is required, Rates and Terms will be guaranteed when the signed agreement and payment are received by Sol Maya Vacation Rentals.


Payment is required within 3 days of email confirmation. A deposit of at least one-half is required to confirm reservations; some properties require full payment for Holiday reservations. The balance is due 60 days prior to the arrival date (some villas require payment in full 90 days before arrival). Reservations made within sixty days (or, ninety days in some cases) of the arrival date must be paid in full. A voucher will be sent upon final payment. This voucher will be required for admittance upon arrival at the property. All accommodations require signed rental agreements and/or security deposits. Rates are firm once the reservation is confirmed. Signed rental agreements, for properties requiring them, must be returned before guests will be sent final documents.


We know that emergencies can occur or plans can change. We strongly encourage our guests to Purchase Travel Insurance. If you have to cancel your reservations the following assessments will apply:

  • 91+ days prior to arrival date full refund less administration fee.
  • 61-90 days prior to arrival 50% of rent (IE deposit paid)
  • Less than 60 days prior to arrival $100% of rent.

All cancellations will be effective on the date a written notice is received by e/mail  in our office. All cancellations incur a fee of $200 US.

If a property can be rented for any or all the cancelled nights, a refund will processed.

There are no refunds on canceled holiday reservations. Holidays are defined as the weeks of: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Easter.

If a refund is applicable: It will be processed within two weeks in the same form as payment was received. Cancellations could be subject not only to the cancellation penalties above but also up to a $200 US dollar cancellation fee depending on the property.


There will be a $25 (US$) fee charged per change, on all changes made to a reservation. The number of occupants in a home is set, and there are some exceptions for extra guests up to a higher number for an additional fee, which the client will be responsible for. Rates can change if the reservation is changed.


Sol Maya Vacation Rentals has made a good faith effort to visit and accurately describe/photograph the property, but shall not be liable for any inaccuracies in such descriptions, changes in the conditions or amenities of the accommodation, the surrounding properties, construction, the condition thereof, or for any defects or stoppages of electricity, gas, water supply, plumbing, or any other services, for any reason. Weather conditions may make property evacuation necessary, there will be no refunds or credits for time unused due to such. It is wise to purchase travel insurance for these uncontrollable circumstances.

The number of occupants in a home is set, and not to be exceeded over the number reserved or additional fees may be charged by the onsite management (or all guests evicted on the spot depending on the situation).

Sol Maya Vacation Rentals undertakes to act only as agent for the owner or owner's agent. Sol Maya Vacation Rentals maintains no control over the equipment, facilities, operation, agents or employees of the owner of the accommodation, or their representatives, executors, administrators, successors, or assignees arising out of: (a) personal injury, accident or death; (b) property lost, stolen, or damaged; (c) loss of physical or mental enjoyment; or (d) delay, inconvenience or changed itinerary-resulting from any acts or omissions of the owners of the accommodations, his employees or agents, or any other party not under the direct employ and control of Sol Maya Vacation Rentals or from any act of nature, war, strike, governmental act, or any other event or cause beyond Sol Maya Vacation Rental's control. By confirming the reservation, each guest shall and does hereby indemnify Sol Maya Vacation Rentals, it's employees, subagents, and representatives, and holds them harmless from and against any claim, loss, theft, damage, cost or expense (including reasonable attorney's fees) to persons or property, however caused, which occurs on or about the accommodation, or in connection with evacuation, or travel thereto or there from.


Property management is cautious about tropical storms, and has the right to evacuate guests when necessary. There will be no refund or credits for evacuations due to hurricanes, tropical storms, natural disasters, war, strikes, or other conditions that are beyond Sol Maya Vacation Rental's control. It is wise to purchase travel insurance to protect travelers for these unlikely events.

It is recommended each guest procure insurance for the protection of persons and property, and with respect to personal and financial liability, while traveling to and from, and occupying the accommodation. It is wise to research vehicle coverage before departing, as US insurance does not cover drivers in Mexico. Travel insurance (, some credit cards and car rental agencies offer coverage, please inquire with these companies.


Passports are required for travel to and from Mexico and the United States! Click here for more information on passport requirements.


Smoking is expressly prohibited within the rental property, and allowed only on the balconies. The scent of cigarette smoke or cigarette butts found within the units may result in a cleaning charge of up to $200 (US$), to be charged to the security deposit or from the credit card used as the security deposit for the rental. While smoking on the balcony, it is prohibited to throw cigarettes or cigarette butts over the balcony. This could result in fire and criminal charges.

The guest is responsible for any missing or damaged items in the units belonging to the owner. The costs for the repair or replacement of these items will be charged to the guest. All items are specifically inventoried by the management company for each unit.

Sol Maya Vacation Rentals and the owners they represent are not responsible for any health or accident related problems or charges that may occur to the guests during their stay. The guest acknowledges that it is not recommended to drink water from any other source than the bottled purified water provided in each unit. The guest will also take all necessary precautions regarding safety, health, and any other precautionary measures, and will not make Sol Maya Vacation Rentals or the owners responsible for any occurrences.

Sol Maya Vacation Rentals and the owners they represent are not responsible for any cases of theft or replacement of stolen valuables from the unit during the guest's stay. The guest acknowledges that it is the responsibility of the guests to keep the entrance door closed and locked, and balcony doors closed and locked while absent. Any item belonging to the guest which becomes missing is the responsibility of the guest.

If the vacation home is put on the market for sale or is currently on the market for sale at the time of reservation, the vacation home owner reserves the right to allow the vacation home to be shown, but only by 24 hour advance appointment made with guests. Every effort will be made to schedule brief showings at a time convenient to you, to respect your privacy, and not interrupt your vacation.

Any behavior deemed inappropriate by the management company/owner, including excessive noise, throwing items from the balconies, destruction of property, behavior resulting in complaints from other guests, etc., may result in eviction, and in legal cases, notification of the authorities, by the property manager.

Sol Maya Vacation Rentals asks that while vacationing in Mexico, renters respect the property as it were their own and by all means have a wonderful time!

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