Important Covid19 Information


The studies will be carried out by Equiver at 14 points in terminals 2, 3 and 4, the results of which will be delivered in a maximum of 30 minutes. covid tests.

The Cancun airport will have modules for conducting PCR or antigen tests for the detection of Covid-19, operated by Equiver, with the aim of facilitating passenger compliance with the requirements demanded by countries, like the United States, to arriving travelers.

In an interview with Forbes México, the general director of Equiver, Patricia López, explained that they will have 10 points in Terminal 3, which is the busiest, with two in Terminal 2 and two more in Terminal 4.

He also explained that there is an indication of different governments in the world, which ask passengers from other nations for a PCR or antigen test with a minimum of 72 hours.

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Therefore, the installation of these modules in the Cancun terminal will allow international travelers to have the study within 3 hours of arrival and receive the results in a maximum of 30 minutes.

Likewise, he explained that the goal is to achieve 20,000 daily tests, an estimate calculated in conjunction with Grupo Asur, however, they have the ability to amplify that capacity as it is needed and according to the recovery of tourist life in the area.
"Our goal is to reach 20,000 tests a day, obviously we are going to evolve by the spaces, by the tourists, in addition to the airport also, apparently, the hotels are offering it, the laboratories," he said.

The director of Equiver commented that they work with the airport to define the protocol that a person has to follow in case of being positive, to follow the necessary health process.

The sites where it operates that request some proof are: Canada, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Holland, France, South Korea and recently the United States, as of January 26.

According to Equiver, the proof that will be given is a fully valid clinical laboratory result for the airlines; They also provide confidence to travelers and promote the recovery of tourism, since detecting an infected passenger in its early stages allows the implementation of health security protocols and passengers can travel with greater confidence.

At the end of last year, the Cancun airport was positioned as the fourth busiest in Mexico, handling 5 million 455 passengers, equivalent to 9.6% of all terminals in the national territory.

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